Association for Career and Technical Education

Meet Michael Connet, Senior Director, Programs and Communications of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE). In this Army Advocate spotlight video, Mr. Connet discusses the similar commitments that both the Army and ACTE share in investing in today’s youth.

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My name is Michael Connet. I'm the Senior Director of Programs and Communications here at the Association for Career and Technical Education.

At the heart of who we are as an association is investing in the skill set and the competencies of our next generation of workers, and the Army, as a strong partner, has the same commitment.

We believe that for our audience of the nation's more than 200,000 career and technical educators to understand and embrace and to be an ambassador for a career opportunity in the Army, they need to have an awareness of all the different specializations and career types that the Army provides in the allied health areas, working in engineering, logistics, auto mechanics, across the whole span of different career types is what the Army's working to effectively convey.

It's a much different environment for career and technical education than it was even just a few years ago…

Today, along with those more traditional fields, robotics, and engineering, and biosciences, and the latest and hottest field of cyber security. And so, where that intersects with what we've been trying to do is to talk about the great opportunities that come about through a CTE training background they have an understanding that their pursuit is going to pay off in the long run with a great career, either with the U.S. Army or another employer because of the CTE training that they've had.

One of the ways in which we've been committed to communicating to our CTE audience about our relationship with the Army has been through a series of short video vignettes.

This three-minute micro documentary really explored the human side of why someone has pursued a career in the U.S. Army. And so when you can make those connections and help them understand that there are more opportunities out there, often times with those real value-adds of tuition assistance and counseling, today's Army really is about investing in the future of the country. And so to see where career and technical education and the Army line up, it's easy, because it really is about preparing our next generation of workers to succeed in life and help the globally competitive.

I'm very proud of the work that ACTE has done with the U.S. Army in being able to communicate the opportunities and the career pathways for our nation's next generation of workers.