Mass Tactical Canopy: Personnel Parachute System

Learn about the new Mass Tactical Canopy T-11 Personnel Parachute System from various Soldiers.

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Male 1: It's a beautiful day for a jump, absolutely beautiful, clear blue skies, initial winds were six knots on the drop zone, which were perfect. In fact I came almost straight down.

Male 2: The landing was great; the chute controls itself so well in the air. When it's dumping the air out the four corners that you don't have as much lateral drift as you did with the T-10.

Male 1: I think I believe 288 went out the door. It was a flawless jump. I'm fortunate I get the door position, the jumpmaster gives me go and I'm out the door. What's nice about it is, it's a larger canopy and I believe it's a different fabric. That gives is us a slower rate of descent, which is nice cause you come down, I weigh about 200 pounds I tend to fall like a bag of hammers. Slower rate of descent means fewer injuries on the drop zone and more troopers to be able to pick up and continue the mission.

Male 3: What we're providing the Soldier is the capability to descend slower. So the canopy of the T-11 is 28 percent larger than the canopy of the T-10.

Male 4: I could actually tell I was dropping a lot slower. I'm a heavy drop. Usually I hit the ground pretty hard. I can look around at other jumpers and I'm just passing them going down and this time it wasn't like that, I was staying pretty equal them.

Male 3: We have over 2000 jumps and found that we are sustaining 73 percent less injuries from the reduced descent. Again equals more combat effectiveness on the battlefield as well as improving the quality of life for the Soldier.

Male 1: We have to continue to adapt the systems that our soldiers use, so that we can better; one: give them the best possible equipment that there is, two: protect them, and three: enable them to accomplish their mission. The investment that our Army puts in taking care of our Soldiers providing them with the best possible equipment makes a big difference. It's important, it's important that the Soldiers have a chance to see this out here and know that they're helping to field the best possible system for the rest of the Army.