Life Goals: How Prospects Are Encouraged To Achieve

Sergeant Whaley talks about helping prospects achieve their goals as well as the emotional support system offered by the Army.
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I love helping people, and this job just gives me the opportunity to help so many people with so many wide varieties of people, age, creed, sex, it doesn't matter. I believe that the Army has something to offer everyone. And when someone comes in here, I go 100 percent to give them what they want and show them how the Army can help them achieve their goals in life. When they're happy about joining the Army and the career option that they chose it makes me so happy that I helped someone.

So I just don't only recruit, you know, just recruit for the Army, but I also help them in everyday life. I tell kids all the time I could be you know, you need a therapist; you can come talk to me, you can't come talk to your parents, you can always come talk to Sergeant Whaley.