Leading A Team: Running An Army Reserve Convoy

There’s a lot to coordinating a convoy. Captain Sabrina Berg discusses the importance of leadership skills and the power of teamwork.

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There is a lot of responsibility involved in running a convoy. The engineers support the battalion. We do logistics, that’s our subject matter expertise. We have the convoy manifest, all soldiers have to be assigned to vehicles, they will have a truck commander. In making sure that everybody in the convoy is well aware of all of the information. The location we are going, spacing, speed, these things are absolutely important for convoy success.

Getting a convoy from point A to point B is essential. We have soldiers, we have units that are for deploy and we provide logistical support. We are the individuals; we are the company, the soldiers that are gonna drop off those much needed supplies.

There have been so many opportunities that I never expected to get out of joining the Army Reserve. And one of the great things is leading troops and being responsible for making sure that they get the training that they need. I always tell my soldiers when I’m given an order I’m aware that I’m one but I’m more than aware that there’s 99 people standing behind me.