Leadership Qualities: Army ROTC

Soldiers explain how ROTC is a unique and important program that builds a foundation for future leaders.

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Capt. Sacco Nazloomian: ROTC really is a unique and important program because it sets the foundation for future leadership. It’s about creating flexible, dedicated leaders.

1LT. Bryce Matson: I feel like ROTC produces a balanced officer. Because you have your experience with your civilian counterparts in college you still have your normal life. You’re still balanced in that sense, and you also have the military side.

Cadet Beau Bommer: I’ve always wanted to be in the military and so I did my freshman year here without going through ROTC and I actually joined as a sophomore. And yea, it took me exactly on the path I wanted to go. I wanted to get into the military, I wanted to be an officer, and this is the way I could experience college but also able to live my dream of becoming an officer.

Capt. Sacco Nazloomian: When I joined ROTC in 2005, I’d just got back from Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004. So I was able to bring some real world experience to the ROTC battalion that I was in. In addition to making some great friends, some of the best friends that I ever want to have.

Cadet Beau Bommer: I would say, give it a try. At least come and do PT with us. See what it’s like. Go to maybe a lab or two.

Capt. Sacco Nazloomian: Well, if you’re considering joining ROTC I would say that you should definitely do it. The lessons you’re going to learn they’re going to apply in the civilian sector in a myriad of ways. You’re going to be far and away ahead of your peers that have just gone the civilian side.