Leadership Development and Personal Growth: Army ROTC

ROTC leaders discuss the leadership development, confidence and personal growth they see happening during the ROTC program.
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Cadet Gomez, I’ll tell you, he’s a young leader in our organization, but when he’s given a task he goes out and does it.

Every year I’ve learned something new about myself, about what it takes to succeed and how far I can push myself.

He has a tremendous amount of talent. He’s as confident, as competent, as technically proficient as any leader we could put out and be the face of our Army right now. He puts in the time preparing himself physically, mentally, and tactically.

You see them grow, not only in the aspect of education, but within themselves. You see a change in them, and at the end of the semester you look at them, you look them in the eye and they are different. And that is a reward because they’re more confident. And they know exactly where they’re going. Cadets have three options: Active Duty, the Reserve component or the National Guard component.

The program offers so many opportunities to anybody who wants it, who wants to push themselves and meet the challenges that it requires. You have the opportunities to have your college paid for, you’ll have opportunities to become a full-time student and be something better.

It gives them the responsibility and the leadership challenges that they can take and move into the civilian sector and prepare themselves for a career outside the military.

The Army has about any job you could possibly want, from a doctor to a mechanic.

We do our best to show them everything the Army has to offer, from showing them leadership scenarios that are currently ongoing in the news and in our Army, things that leaders are struggling with, that leaders are having a hard time grasping.

I’ve gained a sense of accomplishment and confidence that I carry with me in everything that I do.

Confidence has soared, you know, from a very shy, young college student to this young man that is going to do great things for the U.S. Army.

What happens to the Cadets after they complete the program is that they go off to their Basic Officer Leadership Course. This program lasts anywhere from six to 18 months, and that gives them the job skills to be an aviator, to be an engineer, to be a military policeman. From that, they’ll go off to their first duty assignment. That’s ultimately what they’re here for, is to be a commissioned officer.