Leadership and Confidence: Critical Army Reserve Skills

Gagan Dhiman speaks about how he’s applied the skills and values he learned in the U.S. Army Reserve to his work as a real estate agent.

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As real estate agent, when I sit down with a client that is looking to sell their house or buy their house I want them knowing that they are in good hands. That this agent that we’re dealing with, he’s a, he was Army Reserve soldier. They’ve recognized the values that I bring to the table, which gives me an edge. And because of my confidence my negotiation skills, they’re really good. When I’m dealing with another agent I approach it like these are my clients that I have to take care of. Do what I have to do to make sure that they get the best value.

I can’t think of any other job that will train you the way the US Army Reserve does. Not just the training but it’s all about the leadership it’s all about that confidence. If I was not in the Army Reserve the discipline wouldn’t be there. The self-motivation wouldn’t be there. So that really helped me out being a better realtor.