The joint fire support specialist is primarily responsible for the intelligence activities of the Army’s field artillery team.

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Enemy target location is the key to battlefield success. 

Artillery crews rely on the Joint Fire Support Specialist to be their eyes and ears on the battlefield.     

In this Military Occupational Specialty, while working from forward position, you will be responsible for gathering intelligence and enemy target information to send to artillery, rocket and mortar crews who can then successfully engage and neutralize the enemy.    

Your duties will include the setup and operation of communications systems, encoding and decoding messages,  assisting in the preparation of fire support plans, coordinates and targets,  operating laser range finders and target devices,  and determining target location using computers or manual calculations.   

This career field requires individuals who are interested in cannon and rocket operations, and fire support situations, who possess an ability to multi-task, and to work as a member of a team,  have strong communication skills with attention to detail,  and are physically and mentally fit to perform under pressure.   

After successfully completing Army Basic Combat Training, you will attend 7 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where you will learn radio communications, mapping, and operating laser range finders and target devices.  

After successfully completing your Advanced Individual Training, you will be eligible for worldwide assignments.  As a Joint Fire Support Specialist, you may have the opportunity to advance in your career through additional technical, tactical, and leadership training.    

The skills and knowledge you acquire may help you transition from the military to the civilian work force. 

A crucial member of the artillery battlefield team. Joint Fire Support Specialist. King of Battle!