Joining if You're Not in Shape: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Alonte Echols talks about Basic Combat Training improving the physical fitness of recruits.

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Hi I'm Private Alonte Echols, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I'm here to answer a question from Eboni from Racine, Wisconsin. She says: She's a female currently in school, but she has become interested in the Army, "but I know I'm not in shape at all. There's no way I can do 100 push-ups and pull-ups. Should I still try to join the Army?"

Yes, you should try to join the Army. There are a lot of people here who couldn't do a lot of push-ups when we first got here. I couldn't do a lot when I first got here, as much as I wanted too. But your drill sergeants will push you and sooner or later you'll get to whatever goal you set for yourself.