JAG Corps (Attorney): Army Reserve Careers

MAJ Riddick talks about why he joined JAG Corps and how he uses his skills as an attorney to help Soldiers.

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My name is Major David Riddick. I attended the University of Memphis Law School. Following law school, after I had practiced law for a number of years, I joined the JAG Corps. I had prior military service and with prior service, being in law school graduate and practicing attorney, the JAG Corps in the U.S. Army reserve made perfect sense for me.

The best part of being an officer in the JAG Corps is I can use my military skills, I can use my attorney skills, put those two together and help Soldiers. (I can) help Soldiers who are facing deployment, ones that are uncertain, ones that are unsure–being able to deal with those Soldiers, counsel those Soldiers, (and) provide them with any legal services I can as a Reservist. (We can) make them feel more comfortable, more confident and more prepared that they are going to be deployed, they are going to war but they are ready and the have everything in order. If I am part of that process then it makes me feel good.

(I like) being able to deal with young men and young women who join the armed services–whom join the Army, the Army reserve–being able to assist them, being able to provide not only legal advice to them but put that with military advice–putting those two together and be able to tell those Soldiers here is the answer to your questions. I cannot solve every problem but I can certainly help that Soldier. That is rewarding; that is the good part about it. That is where you have to mesh the civilian side of it with experiences as a civilian attorney, with the military side of it, and that is assisting Soldiers and making the two work together to help the Soldier.