JAG Corps: Advantages and Opportunities

Captain Sabra Owens joined the Army JAG Corps as prosecutor and describes the immediate opportunities offered such as trying cases and traveling overseas.

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My name is Captain Sabra Owens. I went to the University of Maryland School of Law. I joined the JAG Corps because I had been a prior enlisted Soldier, I knew what the Army was like, and I looked forward to going back to the Army. I also wanted to go into public service and make a difference in people's lives, and I feel that the JAG Corps has given me the opportunity to do that.

I think that the JAG Corps offers a lot of things that people may not find in other settings, for example, immediate responsibility. People will often start trying cases sometime within their second year of the JAG Corps and try a large number of cases. That is not unusual at all. Also there are opportunities for travel, overseas travel. It is a great team of people. The people I have worked with have been wonderful in every assignment, and I know that I can always look forward to the same thing.

I have had a large number of experiences both professionally and in other areas too. Every case that I have won as a prosecutor has been a very fulfilling experience, and I felt that justice was served each time. Also, I have had the opportunity to do other things, physically challenging things. Like for example the Bataan Death March in White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico where I was part of a five person team, and I ruck marched 26 miles across the desert of New Mexico with a 35 pound ruck sack. Even though that was the most painful thing I have ever done, I realized I could do anything and I could not let my team down. So when I finished it was a real sense of accomplishment.