Is There Swimming in the Army?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Thomas Ervin clarifies questions about swimming in the Army.

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Private Thomas Ervin out of Jackson, Tennessee I'm answering a question for Jeffrey from Fort Worth, Texas. Jeffrey's asking me; "If there's a need to swim in the Army?"

Well, in the Army my job as a 19 Delta I really don't go near water and I don't know of many jobs in the U.S. Army that will go near water. But it's always good to know how to swim. If your looking at the Navy I'd say need to know how to swim. But coming in roughly no, I would not say you don't have to swim. That's just my knowledge as a private. Now there maybe more, higher up special jobs you need to know how to swim. But as of coming in for basic training that would be a negative, and I hope that answered your question for you.