Is BCT What You Expected?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Dominic Mers says Basic Combat Training exceeded his expectations.

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I'm Private Dominic Mers from St. Louis, Missouri and am answering the question for Tyler from Oxford, Connecticut; "Is basic training anything that you though it would be?"

Oh yea, honestly it is everything I though it would be and more actually. You do so much stuff here. It's just, it's amazing how much you learn in a just a short period of time and you're moving so fast everyday that 14-weeks seems like a really long time, but it goes by so fast, and everyday you're doing something new, something different type of training.

It's just amazing how much you actually get to do and learn and figure out that these guys have been doing this for so long. That you're now a part of this whole Army experience and now you know how to do this stuff and you're going to keep learning everyday.