Is BCT Hard at First?: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Manni discusses the difficulty of Basic Combat Training.

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Private First Class Brett Mannix from Helmville, Montana. Judy from Brawley, California wants to know; "Is basic training really hard at first?"

Well it's all going to depend on your background and what you've been used to until you've gotten to this point, but yea it'll be hard. It'll be hard you're gonna do thing and see things and hear things that you never heard before. You're gonna be put in situations that you've never been put in before. They're gonna test you, it's gonna be really hard. So you're just going to have to reach deep down inside and grit it out, and you're going to find that part of you that you never knew existed until you got here. And when you leave you'll be a bigger better person for it.