Is BCT as Hard as It Looks?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Michael Leslie talks about challenges and overcoming them during Basic Combat Training.

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My name is Private Toby Lane I'm from Dandridge, Tennessee and Judy from Brawley, California wants to know; "Is it really hard at first?"

Yes, basic training is hard. It's meant to be a challenge. But it's also meant to bring the best out of you and push you to your utter most. But once you come to realize that the drill sergeants and the military is not here to break you and to break you down, but to make you a better person, a stronger person. To make you more successful, not only in your everyday life, but as well as to be able to be combat productive. You come to realize that the drills sergeants are actually there for you and that this training is for you. So you start to become motivated to drive and push yourself. So is it hard? Absolutely. Is it worth is? To the utter most.