Is Basic Training a One-Time Thing?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Caleb Prosser answers how many times Soldiers need to go through Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, my name is Private Caleb Prosser I'm gonna answer a by Kentara from Sledge, Mississippi, her question is; "How often do you have to go to basic training?"

For the National Guard, and regular Army, and Army Reserve basic training is a one- time thing. You go once, you train up and then you go train in AIT, which is where you train for your specific job.

My training was what's called OSUT training, One Station Unit Training. I trained for basic training and then went straight into my AIT training in the same fort post.

And when I'm done with AIT then I go straight to my duty station. But basic training is a one-time thing you train once and you don't have to go back before you train for another job.