The interior electrician is primarily responsible for the installation and maintenance for all of the Army’s interior electrical systems.

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The installation and maintenance for all of the Army’s interior electrical systems is a necessity that allows the military to operate and successfully accomplish a multitude of critical tasks.

Installing these electrical circuits in military structures is the primary responsibility of the Interior Electrician. They ensure mission success by properly connecting and safely distributing electricity using interior wiring. Soldiers in this MOS are responsible for installing basic electrical hardware such as circuit breakers, service panels, and switches. Duties may also include the testing, inspecting and repairing of various military interior electrical systems.

This career field requires individuals who are interested in electricity, science, and math... and who enjoy doing physical work with hand and power tools. After successfully completing Basic Combat Training, you will attend 6 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at the U.S. Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. There you will the fundamentals and safety procedures for working with electricity... how to analyze electrical layouts... techniques for wiring switches, receptacles and light fixtures... and how to troubleshoot malfunctions in electrical circuits.

After successful completion of training, you will work supporting Army operations on the field and around the world. You may also have the opportunity to advance in your career through additional technical, tactical, and leadership training. The teamwork, discipline, and leadership skills gained by serving in this MOS can help you transition to the civilian workforce. A crucial member of the Army’s vertical construction engineer team.

Military Occupational Specialty: Interior Electrician.