Institute of Surgical Research Burn Unit: Army AMEDD

Dr. Kevin Chung, a Medical Director for ISR Burn Unit, leads a tour of the facility.

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Dr. Kevin Chung, Medical Director for the Institute of Surgical Research Burn Unit/Intensive Care Unit, leads a tour of the facility.

The job that I do is tremendously fulfilling. I can't imagine doing anything else. My name is Kevin Chung. I'm a Medical Intensivist for the Army Burn Center here in San Antonio.

We have 16 ICU beds. In comparison to most burn centers in the country, that is almost double the average. On a yearly basis, we average 450 admissions.

We're here in 4 South, an eight-bed ICU. There is a mirror ICU down the hallway. We do that by design. For example, in cases where there is an infectious outbreak, what we'll do is cohort patients on one side and terminally clean the other.

As you can see, these are showers. Most burn centers have big tubs. Our facility is positioned to be able to take care of chemical injuries. When we have a patient in this room, we turn the heat up, sometimes to 100 degrees. Most patients are not able to regulate their own temperature. Especially with the larger burns, they have the tendency to become hypothermic. So, we try to control the environmental temperature as much as possible.

I want to show you a poster of the Burn Fly Team. One of our missions is, if you're burned severely anywhere in the world, we will come get you. The ability to take care of critically ill patients in the air in the back of an airplane is one of the biggest advances of this war. The capabilities are tremendous.

To be able, on a day to day basis, to impact someone's life in a positive manner – it's incredibly satisfying for me as a professional. It's been a wonderful experience and I couldn't have a better job.