Infantry Officer (11A): Army Careers

CPT Richard Taylor talks about his responsibilities and goals as an 11A - Infantry Officer. He trains and leads Soldiers to fight and win in combat on a daily basis using the best equipment during night operation.

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I'm Captain Ricky Taylor. I'm an 11 Alpha (11A), which means Infantry Officer.

An Infantry Officer is an awesome job. I get to lead and train Soldiers on a daily basis.

Right now I've got the best equipment, I'm getting ready to go out on a night operation and train my men.

My goal, fight and win in combat. We take them through hard training, realistic training, and focused training. I work with every Soldier in the same way. My goal is to leave my mark on them and help to make them a better leader and a better Soldier. And at the end of the day, we're gonna become the best trained unit in the Army.

Soldiers come up to me constantly and they tell me how awesome was the training event that they just completed for a week.

I'll do anything for my Soldiers.