Human Intelligence Collector (35M)

The human intelligence collector is responsible for information collection operations. They provide Army personnel with information about the enemy force’s strengths, weaknesses and potential battle areas.

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Intelligence is the key to our national security.

Before physical threats can be neutralized, or battles won, information must be gathered about an adversary’s intentions, strengths, vulnerabilities, and capabilities.

In order to obtain that critical information, the Army relies upon the strategic cognitive and language skills of the Human Intelligence Collector.

These specially trained men and women utilize a variety of interrogation techniques, along with problem solving and observation skills to quickly and accurately extract as much information as possible from both friendly and hostile sources.

This career field requires individuals who have outgoing personalities…

…an interest in foreign cultures and languages..,

…an interest in reading maps and overhead imagery..,

…and the ability to think, speak, and write clearly.

Because of the Top Secret classification of this work and the intensity of training..,

…applicants are thoroughly screened using a testing process designed to ensure that only the most qualified and those with an aptitude for learning a foreign language are selected.

After successfully completing Basic Combat Training, you will attend language training at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center at the Presidio of Monterey, California.

The length of your training will depend on the foreign language you are assigned to learn.

After successful completion of language training, you will attend 19 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

There, you will learn the skills necessary to become an Army Intelligence professional, such as:

…interrogation techniques..,

…military source operations..,

…debriefing of friendly forces and displaced persons on the battlefield..,

…protecting your fellow soldiers from harm by terrorists and insurgents…

…and train in the preparation of intelligence reports and products to enable victory.

As a Human Intelligence Collector you will have the opportunity to advance your career through on-the-job training…

…and advanced follow-up education in human intelligence collection; while participating in unique assignments in the U.S. and around the world.

The skills, knowledge, and leadership experience you gain may help you in your transition from the military to the civilian work force..,

…where you may find employment as a researcher, interviewer, or linguist in business planning, or with national security government agencies.

Ensuring victory as an integral member of battlefield units…

Military Occupational Specialty:  Human Intelligence Collector.