How Hard Basic Training is and Free Time: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Oscar Carmargo gives a thorough response on the hardships of Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, my name is Private Oscar Carmargo and I'm going to graduate basic in a week. I got a question from George from Jacksonville, Florida is curious to know; "How hard is basic training and what do you do on your free time?"

George, basic training wasn't really as hard as I expected to be. On my basic opinion on basic training it all depends on the individual George. If you are one that isn't ready for a well structured discipline way on how to manage your time, if your not ready for the unexpected, basic training will be very hard.

You also got to learn how to socialize other that are also in a very stressful environment as you are and that can very hard. The hardest part for me about basic training, was I was actually away from my family and that took a toll on me.

Cause I did not have their support during the hard times that I had here. But basic training is pretty much based on how hard you can make it to be.

Your next question is "what do I do on my free time?" Since we train very hard and very much everyday, we really didn't have much free time.

Anything I did I usually just wrote letters to my family and socialized on my battle buddies about the events that we did on that day. And we prepared myself mentally for the next day.