Hot Meals: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Jacob Hoyle discusses food in Basic Combat Training.

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I'm Private First Class Jacob Hoyle from a small town Casar, North Carolina. I'm here at Fort Benning, Georgia here for basic training. And Amber from Crest View, Florida would like to know; " Do you get hot meals during basic, what is the food like in the Army?"

You get hot meals for the majority of the times; breakfast is got to be the greatest meal there is.

Lunch and dinner they vary. Sometimes you get a Mr. E, MRE a package meal, which they ain't bad but you get cool stuff in them, M&M's or Skittles.

You can trade amongst your friends and all that.

The majority of the food is great, it's better than the high schools some people just say it sucks, but I enjoyed it, and I hope that answers your question.