Horizontal construction engineers (12N)

Horizontal construction engineers use bulldozers, cranes, graders and other heavy equipment to move tons of earth and material to complete construction projects for the Army. They are also responsible for operating tractors with dozer attachments, scoop loaders, backhoe loaders, hydraulic excavators, motorized graders and scrapers.

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When the Army begins a new mission, infrastructure must often be created from scratch. To prepare these sites for construction, tons of earth must be moved and land levelled. To transform rough terrain into safe roads, strong building foundations, and airfields, and to support combat operations, the Army depends upon the specialized skills of the Horizontal Construction Engineer.

Soldiers in this MOS are responsible for operating heavy earth-moving equipment such as: crawler tractors, scoop loaders, hydraulic excavators, and backhoe loaders to clear, excavate, level, load and haul; and for driving tractor trailers to transport construction equipment and materials. Candidates for this MOS should enjoy being outdoors and working with their hands, and should have an interest in operating heavy construction equipment.

After successful completion of Basic Combat Training, you will attend 8 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at the U.S. Army Engineer School at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri where you will learn to safely operate, maintain, repair, and perform pre- and post-operative checks on different types of construction and rough terrain equipment, To identify soil types, and to analyze and understand the placement of grade stakes. After successful completion of training, you will work as part of a team supporting military operations in the field. The experience, teamwork, and problem solving skills gained by serving in this MOS can prepare you for a variety of civilian careers after the Army.

Paving the way for Army operations around the world is a Horizontal Construction Engineer.