Honor Guard Tab: Army Overview

The Honor Guard tab is worn by Soldiers selected for special ceremonial units. These Soldiers are highly motivated and must uphold the highest standards in the Army. Find out what training and other qualities are needed to earn this tab.

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I’m CSM Jeffrey Stitzel, I’m an infantryman, and I have the Honor Guard Tab. PFC Francisco Jimenez, 11 Bravo, Infantry, I have the Honor Guard Tab. The Honor Guard is a special unit that conducts our nation’s most important ceremonies. We conduct all of the ceremonies in the Washington, D.C. area. I wanted to become a member of the Honor Guard because I think it’s a great honor. First you have to be selected with the requirements to be in the Honor Guard, and you have to go through three weeks of rigorous training and marching and standing proficiencies to get the Honor Guard Tab. A Soldier wears the Honor Guard Tab, it really says I understand how to put my uniform together, I am a disciplinarian, I’m a perfectionist and I understand and can execute drilling ceremony better than anyone in the United States Army. One of the biggest challenges of being a Soldier in the Honor Guard would be keeping ceremony composures while you’re out there on your missions. You have to be very disciplined, you have to be very squared away because the whole world is basically looking at you. I think special traits that an Honor Guard definitely has is they have to have a lot of pride in themselves and pride in their organization. We realize that we represent not only the Army but we represent our country when other dignitaries come to visit. It’s hard, we expect perfection, we expect you to be self-motivated, we expect you to be self-critical. I want you to go try out to the specialty platoon whether it’s the tomb of the unknown Soldier, our nation’s foremost color guard, the drill team, the presidential fluke unbattering in Cason. That’s where all good Honor Guard Soldiers want to end up is at one of those specialty elements.