Hardest Part of the Army: Basic Training Q&A

PFC Cesar Cavazos gives his opinion on the hardest part of the Army.

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Hi, I'm Private First Class Cesar Cavazos from Dallas, Texas and I want to answer a question from Natalie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; "What is the hardest part of the Army?"

Well Natalie the hardest part I think is being shut off from the outside world. You don't get to talk to your family, as often, you don't, there's no pizza. If your older than 21, there's no beer, there's nothing no partying and I love to party, but you can't do it, But I mean if you can go 16 weeks like I did, without none of that stuff, I think you'll be all right. I mean it's not that hard, it's very tough it's very challenging but overall it's not that hard it's just takes a lot of heart.