Hardest Part About the Army: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Johnson McClanahan gives his opinion on the hardest part of joining the Army.

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Private Johnson McClanahan from Phoenix, Arizona and I'm answering a question from Dillon from Easley, South Carolina his question was; "What is the hardest part about going into the Army?"

Well Dillon, the hardest part is kind of adapting overall. You're going to be told what you need to do; you just got to do it. Mentally, physically it doesn't matter. You can be the worst out of shape person; you'll be put into shape when you get here. Mentally may not be into it, your drill sergeants will get you into it military attitude, military way of life. Your background will also depend a little bit. If your not a person who likes to work hard, you may not adapt as easy as someone else that's an outgoing person who likes to get things done, always on top of their stuff, that's about it.