Handling Being Away From Loved Ones: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Melendez talks about how to handle being away from loved ones.

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Hi I'm Private Melendez and I'm from Palm Dale, California and I'm here to answer Nicole's question from Discovery Bay, California; "How do you handle being away from loved ones?"

Well, being away from loved ones is actually the hardest thing I think about basic training. Not only you will have problems, but practically everyone in your platoon will have problems being away from loved ones. Mainly the best thing to do is actually write a letter to a family member and ask them to send pictures, multiple letters. Tell your cousins, uncles, to send letters cause basically get a letter everyday, practically one a week would actually do your basic training a lot better. I actually got a letter from my little sister the other day and it had a Easter candy and even though it was melted from the heat it was the best thing I'd ever gotten. So letters that'll basically help you throughout your training, letters.