Green To Gold Packet Benefits: Army Reserve

1LT Terrance Wilson talks in depth about the benefits of the Green to Gold Packet program.
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First Lieutenant Terrance Wilson: Hi, I'm First Lieutenant Terrance Wilson, and I am in the Army Reserve. When I first heard about the ROTC program, I was a Sergeant, and I heard about the Green to Gold Packet and that was a great route for me.

The Army Reserve offered tremendous benefits. Going through college financially the Army Reserve and the ROTC, were invaluable. I was able to do Graduate School with very little financial Aide or assistance, and taking out loans.

Currently, I am a Company Commander of the 200th Military Police Command Headquarters and Headquarters Company. My main job is to take care of Soldiers. I inspect vehicles. I make sure I coordinate with the Family Readiness Groups. I make sure that the Unit is trained and able to meet their wartime mission.

I enjoy the camaraderie that I get out of the Army Reserve because it's a sense of belonging. You're part of a team. You're part of a chain. You're part of a family. Coming off of Active Duty, I knew that I would miss it so that's why I joined the Army Reserve, because I'm able to serve here close to my home.

Experience and education I received in the Army was crucial and vital to my success now as a civilian. I am a certified Project Manager as a PMP. I work with Quality Control and I do site visits. I conduct trainings. My current employer is wonderful, as far as allowing me to deal with my military responsibilities and duties because they realize that the better Soldier I am that experience and that skill set also transitions readily to my civilian career. And a lot of times a lot of the educational opportunities that I'm afforded as a Soldier directly correlates so it's almost pre-training for them.

Army Reserve has shown me that life is a marathon it's not a sprint. And one thing that all Soldiers, all good Soldiers have in common is that we finish the race. You can't win if you don't finish. And the Army Reserve has taught me to finish the fight. I serve the people of the United States and I live the Army Values. I am an Army Reserve Soldier and I'm very proud of that.