Getting Used to Routine: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Ethan Faxon provides an overview of the first three weeks of Basic Combat Training.

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I'm Private Ethan Faxon; I'm from Manchester, Vermont I'll be answering a question from Kristin from Shawsville, Virginia. She asks; "What are the first three weeks like in basic, how long does it take to get used to a routine and in my opinion what is the hardest thing about basic?"

The first three weeks like in basic is all about attention to detail, the little stuff. When a drill sergeant tells you what to do or gives you a block of instructions you need to listen and follow those instructions out to the fullest.

Now, how long does it get into a routine? It varies from Soldier to Soldier. One person may have a quick time and easy time doing it, where the other it may take a little bit longer.

And then, my opinion the hardest part about basic; is the ruck march for me. It was about 10 miles with 65 lbs on your back at a good pace. But as long as you keep motivated and keep your pace good you'll make it.