Gas Chamber Discomfort: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Summers describes effects of the gas chamber.

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Hi, my name is Private Summers and I'm reading a question from Wyatt in Buffalo, Minnesota. The question is "I'm a little scared of the gas chamber does it hurt?"

Well Wyatt, the gas chamber doesn't really hurt as much as it, pretty much is just collapses your lungs, it feels like you can't breathe at all and it's hard to breathe you feel like you want to run around in circles and get out of the gas chamber as fast as you go in it.

You pretty much don't want to sit in there as long. What we had to do was pretty much we were told to clear our mask, open it up and breathe in the gas, put our mask on and clear them again.

But then afterwards they make you take them off and stand there for at least 30 seconds. But it really wasn't that bad. Once you come out you flap your arms around and you pretty much feel as normal as possible.