Gain the Competitive Advantage: Army Reserve

See how SGT Guererro earned certificates and got the training in the Army Reserve that gave her a competitive edge in the civilian workplace.
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SGT Summer Guerrero: A good reason to join the Army Reserve is the education that you get in both ways: You get the education for the Army Reserve side, and you get education for the civilian side. You go to any school you want and they pay for it.

As a civilian, I'm a firefighter for Boeing. When I came to this company, they were thrilled that I already had the certificates that I had. There are a lot of firefighting jobs out there but this firefighting position requires a few more certificates that you can't get in the civilian world. That gave me a competitive advantage over the hundreds of other people that had applied. I believe that I got a civilian job that I may not have been able to get if I didn't have the Army Reserve.

I definitely got the challenge that I signed up for in the Army Reserve.