Food Service Specialist (92G): Creativity: Army Careers

SPC Darcie Jenkins loves the creative freedom she has as a food service specialist (92G) and providing Soldiers with great tasting, nutritional meals.

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I'm Specialist Darcie Jenkins; I'm a 92 Gulf which is a Food Service Specialist in the United States Army. I've always had a passion for cooking, I love to eat. I'm from a southern family, so it just seemed to be a good fit. The best part of this job to me is the people that you work with, the environment. It's a very upbeat environment, high tempo environment, its fun. When you're in the kitchen and you're actually preparing your meals for your Soldiers, you're having a good time while doing that. This MOS definitely does have a creative element to it. A big part of preparing meals and serving them is eye appeal. You want your dishes to be presentable as well as tasty. So you do your best to make them look appetizing. It takes a creative nature to do that. When I set a dish down in front of someone and they smile it makes me feel really good, because I know that I'm providing something that is not only good to them, it's going to be good for them. It will be nutritional; it'll help them perform their tasks to the best of their ability. If you aspire to set a strong foundation for yourself and your loved ones the Army definitely provides the tools for you to do so.