Fitness And Breaking Through Barriers: Army Reserve

Specialist Trevor Whipker talks about his personal fitness regimen, his civilian role as a physical trainer and the confidence the U.S. Army Reserve gave him.

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My general workout regimen is working out four days a week, targeting different body parts. Um also doing some high intensity training, which allowed me to build my endurance up.

I became a personal trainer when I decided that I had an interest in just general fitness. I felt better helping other people especially reaching their fitness goals. I always ask clients when we first start personal training what their goals are and then we build a step program and ask the time frame of when they’re trying to achieve their goals.

I learned in basic training how to mentally or physically break through barriers. A lot of the times we’ll start with very basic stuff such as form and general diet. And when it comes to a situation where I’m trying to have them break through a mental barrier.

Up up up. Good!

You know when they drop the weight or talk about the things that maybe motivate them or anger them, anything that can mentally help them push through physically.

The Army reserve instilled a confidence in me that allowed me to carry myself in a professional manner.

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