The field artillery firefinder radar operator is responsible for detecting enemy forces and alerting the units in the Army. Using a “firefinder” — which are highly specialized radars — they can detect various objects and their locations.

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In the heat of combat, speed and accuracy are vital when locating and eliminating enemy fire.  

To detect enemy fire and alert field artillery units to critical targeting information, the Army relies upon the specialized skills of the Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator.     

Candidates for this MOS should have an interest in radar and electronics, have skills in math and geometry, and be able to maintain focus under pressure.    

After successful completion of Basic Combat Training, you will attend 10 weeks of Advanced Individual Training at the Field Artillery School at Fort Sill, Oklahoma. 

Where you will learn the basics of radar and object identification, calculating and recording speed, direction, and altitude, field tactics and combat communications, and to operate the Firefinder radar equipment.      

After successful completion of training, you may deploy as a team member of a tactical unit, where you may be responsible for preparing, operating, and maintaining the Firefinder radar and other systems;  Establishing and maintaining radio communications; And constructing fortifications and field artillery emplacements.    

The skills, discipline, and leadership experience gained by serving in this MOS may help in your transition to a civilian career.      

An essential part of Army Field Artillery operations. Providing critical support to infantry and tank units in the battlefield. Military Occupational Specialty: Field Artillery Firefinder Radar Operator. The King of Battle.