Feelings of Giving Up: Basic Training Q&A

PVT King talks about his experiences during Basic Combat Training.

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Hi, I’m Private King from Chicago, Illinois graduating from basic training.

My question is from Ryan from Rheasville, North Carolina; “What was basic training like?”

Basic training to me was like college. It was pretty much different people meeting for the first time and just getting acquainted to getting to know them.

And the next question would be “did you ever feel like giving up?” Honestly, there was only one time I felt like giving up. And that was on the 15K march, which is 9.7 miles. You’ll know, you’ll know when you get to it you’ll see it at the end. But once you’re done with it, all that pain and all the giving up it will leave you and you’ll be fine because after that you’ll know your done and you’re getting ready to graduate.