Feeling Unprepared: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Christiana Robinson discusses how Basic Combat Training improves recruits' physical fitness.

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I'm a Private, my name is Christiana Robinson and the question is from Holly from Covington, Kentucky. Her question is; "I'm worried that I'm not going to be fit enough for basic BCT and that I might not make it, did you have the same feeling and how did you handle them?"

I didn't have the same feeling when I came to basic I always went to the gym and I got with my recruiter took a couple of test before I came here. However the drill sergeants don't expect you to be a track stars or gymnast coming here. They'll build you up to it. My PT score went up two points from a 300 after my last PT test. It went up from a 276 to a 300 so you will get better.