Favorite and Least Favorite Parts About the Army: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Brittany Hill describes her favorite and least favorite parts about being in the Army.

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My name is Brittany, Private Brittany Hill, and I'm answering Nate's question from Richardson, Texas. I'm from Texarkana, Texas which is about 2-hours away. And his question is; "What is your favorite part about the Army and what is your least favorite part?"

My favorite part is meeting new people from all over and achieving the same goal, having the same ambitions to become a Soldier. And my least favorite part would be PTing in the mornings; I think we should PT in the afternoons. And another thing that I like about the Army is that you have motivated people who just want to do something with themselves, not trying to do the wrong thing but want to do the right thing, serve their country, and help other people succeed.