Drill Sergeants and Personal Space: Basic Training Q&A

SPC Bradley Whitlock talks about Drill Sergeants.

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Hello, my name is Specialist Bradley Whitlock; I'm from Houston, Texas. I'm answering a question from Adilio from Houston, Texas. Adillo's question is; "Do the drill instructors scream right at your face like in military movies?"

For the most part, they never get in your face unless you do something that is dangerous to one of your battle buddies or if you are just being disrespectful and not following your Army values. Other than that they pretty much keep their distance. They will still get on you, but as far as getting in your face and in your personal space, they don't do it unless you're disrespectful.

The ways to talk to drill sergeants and any other cadre members would be, be respectful as possible, and answer and do everything they ask you to do.