Drill Sergeant Qualities: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Brent Johnson addresses the misconceptions of Drill Sergeants.

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Hello, my name is Brent Johnson from London, Kentucky. I'll be answering a question from Octavio from Oford, California. His question; "Are there drill sergeants as mean and as tough as you see in the movies?"

My response, no they're strictly professional. Yeah, they're going to scream at you but it's for your own benefit. Yeah, they're intimidating, they scare me to death. But no, they're strictly professional and for your own good. And at the end of it, you'll really appreciate what they've done for you and how you feel about yourself. You come out a better person and you just feel totally, totally amazed at what you've accomplished. And that's about it, but no it's not like the movies at all.