Drill Sergeant: Gaining Confidence

Drill Sergeant Ulloa talks about the pride she takes in guiding new Army recruits through Basic Training and molding them into confident individuals.
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I'm drill sergeant Diana Ulloa. I was originally trained as a 14 Tango, a PATRIOT Missile Launching Station Operator and Maintainer; I'm currently serving as a drill sergeant at Fort Jackson.

My favorite thing is mentoring Soldiers and training them. That's what we're there for, that's our main purpose. It's being there, guiding them, seeing them, seeing the looks on their faces when they actually accomplish all the tasks they didn't think they could possibly do.

We have a lot of obstacles in basic training, a lot of them having to do with heights. So we have Soldiers constantly that don't think they can do say the repel tower but they push through it, they push through that fear, they accomplish what they set out to accomplish and they feel great for it.

It's not something that's taken or done easily, but it is something that they're gonna gain great rewards from. It's gonna make them stronger individuals and more confident individuals. You never know what you can do until you go out there and try it.