Different Career Opportunities: Army Careers

See how SGT Lyons — Healthcare Specialist (68W), SGT James — Counterintelligence Special Agent and CPT Anderson — JAG Corps Attorney (28A) speak about their positions and the opportunities they experience and gain each day.

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My name is Sergeant Tracey Lyons. I'm a 68 Whisky (68W) Health Care Specialist.

My job is to care for Soldiers, and treat them and stabilize them for evacuation.

We're basically trained as emergency medical technicians, learning how to triage, IV, stitches...I mean there're just so many different techniques that you can get as a medic.

The cool part of my job is the reward I get from taking care of Soldiers.

I'm actually very confident in everything I do.

You just can't get this kind of experience in the civilian world.