Did You Ever Feel Like Giving Up?: Basic Training Q&A

PVT Leah Atwell discusses how she perseveres when she wants to give up.

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My name is Private Leah Atwell and I'm here at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The question I'm answering is from Clayton and he's from Mattoon, Illinois and his question was; "Are there times when you just want to give up?"

My answer for that is; there were plenty of times here at basic training that I've wanted to give up, because I was scared of not being successful.

But thanks to my battle buddies and my drill sergeants, who are very encouraging, they pushed me to keep going and trying and here I am the last week here and it just showed me that I can do thing that I never thought I could.

So when you feel like you give up, that you want to give up, don't give up, because you will succeed as long as you try.