Dental Specialist: Army Careers

SSG Elizabeth Fandino shares her many duties as a dental specialist.

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I’m Staff Sergeant Elizabeth Mozingo and I’m up here at the AMEDD Center of School in the 68 Ecko Branch in the swamp, where we do our dental assisting for our Soldiers. Being a dental specialist in the Army primarily means you’re assisting a doctor, normally a captain. Your primary duties is to come in and you’re going to assist the doctor with whatever procedure he is doing, you’re going to take x-rays, you’re going to do sterilization, and you’ll do pretty much everything in the clinic. You will constantly be pulled to do different duties but mainly your primary duty is to be an assistant to the doctor. So the first thing you will do when you come in is you just get your patient ready for the procedure you’re going to be doing and you assist the doctor in whatever procedure he’s going to be doing. Being a 68 Ecko you’re also going to be required to do sterilization, take the x-rays and help out with any other additional duties that are required in the clinic that you are going to be working at.