Criminal Investigations Special Agent: Army Careers

SGT Cherolis is a modern-day detective solving crime with technology and expert training.

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[MUSIC] CHEROLIS: I'm all about the evidence. In my job, you never know what to expect. I'm Sergeant Christina Cherolis, and I'm a 31 Delta. A 31 Delta is a Special Agent with the United States Army Criminal Investigation Command. With the Army, I serve as both a soldier and a criminal investigator. Becoming a CID agent is becoming a part of an elite investigative organization. I guess you could consider it similar to FBI or Secret Service. A CID is brought in for any case where a felony-level crime has been committed. I got into criminal investigation when I was real young. My grandfather's with the ATF, and I got the privilege of visiting his labs as a part of a job shadow when I was in high school. My grandfather's labs were amazing. From that day forward, I just figured that there was nothing better that you could do with your life than investigate crimes and use crazy technology to do it. When we're looking at a crime scene, we're looking at things that most people wouldn't know to look for and that they might not be able to see just on casual observance. We're gonna use the techniques that the Army's taught us and the new technologies and equipment that we have available to us to bring out that information, and to identify whether the window was broken from inside or outside, and whether it was hit or shot, and try and put those pieces back together to really figure out what happened. Being a CID special agent is all about the details. If you're not diligent, there's a chance that you're gonna miss something that could've meant freedom or guilt for somebody out there. Someday I'll end up in the civilian world, and the experience that I've obtained working with CID in the Army will be invaluable. The Army offers a level of stability that is incomparable. You get medical coverage and dental. One of the things that I was offered as part of my enlistment was a college repayment that was definitely a big relief, both personally and, in this case, financially. My grandpa definitely did get me into this. It's all his fault. But, uh, I- I- I'll have to thank him someday when I get up there. [CHUCKLE] The first time I put my badge on, I really just felt fulfilled. One of the best parts about being a soldier is serving my country, and CID gave me the opportunity to do that the way I'd always dreamed that I could. [MUSIC]