CPT Jessica Liang, Dentist

Captain Jessica Liang is a Dental officer in the U.S. Army. She joined the Army after learning about the education benefits available to students interested in going to dental school. Hear her story.


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Hello my name is CPT Jessica Liang, I’m a dental officer in the Army.

I never considered the Army as a career option until college, when I decided I wanted to go to dental school to be a dentist. The Army offered a really great scholarship program that would help be able to cover the finances of the school and I wouldn’t have to burden my parents. 

The Health Professions Scholarship program…offered a four-year scholarship; completely paid for all the books, tuition and fees, the Army would cover. During those four years, I would also get paid a monthly stipend that would help with boarding and living expenses.     

The Army provides a lot of the new technology and latest trends in dentistry. 

One of the great privileges I have here is working with our CERSAC* machine, it’s a machine that molds a crown, so it can deliver to a patient the same day. We are able to scan in the mouth and on a tooth model the crown you have prepared, and then through the computer, fabricate the crown and make it in a machine in our lab on post. 

The Army also provides a lot of opportunities for you to get involved in aspects that aren’t exactly related to the dental field, such as infection control and the health promotion committee I’m a part of. It offers a lot of aspects that I will be able to bring into a private practice I might join one day.

My career in the Army will definitely prepare me in the civilian world, providing me the resources to perfect my skill set, widen my experience so I can tackle any situation or any patient that I see. I think they provide really great learning resources and leadership abilities that can help me be a leader in a private sector or whatever clinic I end up in.  

After my career in the Army, I do plan to either work in a private sector in community health, and I think the Army has definitely prepared me in providing me the right skillset and providing the resources to perfect my skills and widen my experience.