Counterintelligence Agent (35L)

Counterintelligence Special Agents conduct investigations and analysis to detect and counter foreign intelligence entities and international terrorist threats. They detect and identify the counterintelligence related inter threats and conduct the appropriate countermeasures.

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The safety, and protection of Soldiers, citizens, and property from harm is ensured through the collection of information about our adversaries.

Collecting this information and utilizing it in operations that ensure our national defense is the responsibility of the Counterintelligence Special Agent.

These men and women have the responsibility of safeguarding military operations through identifying, investigating, neutralizing, exploiting, manipulating foreign intelligence threats to the army, as well as preventing sabotage, terrorism, espionage, treason, and sedition.

Because the sensitive nature of this work, and the information you will gather, the selection process, requirements, and qualifications for this career field are stringent.

Potential recruits must be at least 20 years old at the time of shipping to basic combat training and must qualify for a Top Secret Clearance.

This career field requires individuals who are personable, mature, effective communicators, who possess strong analytical thinking capabilities, and have exceptional writing skills, as this will be a major component of your job.

You must be self-motivated, and have the ability to conduct thorough research, and make sound judgments with minimal supervision.

Your duties and responsibilities may include conducting counter intelligence operations and analysis.

Investigating national security crimes, collecting and processing digital forensic and physical evidence, briefing senior officials from U.S. and host-nation military civilian law enforcement, intelligence, and security agencies.

After completing basic combat training, you will attend approximately 20 weeks of Advanced Individual Training, and on the job instruction at the United States Army Intelligence Center of Excellence at Fort Huachuca, Arizona.

Upon successful completion of all training requirements you will be eligible for worldwide assignments, or you may be deployed as part of a tactical, operational, or strategic counterintelligence unit.

You may employ a variety of techniques to assist in your surveillance, and in the collection and recording of information and intelligence.

You may have the ability to further your career through unique experiences, additional training, civilian and military educational opportunities in areas such as Foreign Counterintelligence, Counterintelligence Collection, Technical Surveillance and Countermeasures, and Cyber Counterintelligence.

Your experience and knowledge as a Counterintelligence Special Agent may help in your transition to a civilian career, where you may find employment opportunities with federal agencies, state protective services and law enforcement, as well as private industry.

Always Out Front, protecting the nation and saving lives as a member of the Military Intelligence Corps., the United States Army Counterintelligence Special Agent.