Coming Back To The Army After Service: Army Reserve

There are many advantages that come with being in the Army Reserve and can help your advancement in the civilian world.

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Spec Luis Estrada: I joined the Army Reserve about approximate a year and a half ago, I served eight years with the Marine Corps and I wanted change. I wanted to see what the Army Reserve would be like for me, what it would offer me. And so far I’ve loved every part of it.

Spec Jason Nelson: Being prior service I had the opportunity to have already served in the military and I enjoyed it. When I made the switch to the civilian world I knew there was something missing from my life. I missed the camaraderie that came with working with other Soldiers. I missed having that since of purpose that the mission the US Army fulfills.

SFC Fernando Garcia: I decided to join the Army Reserve directly out of Active Duty. I still had that, the itch I guess you can say for the Army. I really didn’t want to get out completely however I wanted to start my civilian life, my career.

Spec Luis Estrada: It’s an honor to me to protect this country for my family, for my friends, and to be a part of the US Army Reserve.

Spec Jason Nelson: I think that there’s a lot of training that you get. A lot of top notch schools that you get sent to and there’s also the opportunity to get some further education. There’s benefits that come with being in the Army Reserve.

SFC Fernando Garcia: With the Army and Army Reserve helped me achieve my goals to establish me with the characteristics and the foundation of leadership, determination, and discipline. Characteristic of that sort, that has helped me and keep me on track in educational goals and target my career goals.

Spec Luis Estrada: For those that miss the structure of the active side, or miss the structure of just the military in general the US Army Reserve is always there.