Civil Affairs Specialist: Army Careers

SGT Marlene Garcia makes a difference when she engages in humanitarian aid for the local population of foreign countries.
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Sergeant Marlene Garcia: I've always wanted to become a nurse because I love helping people.

Lieutenant Colonel Dave Hubbard, Civil Affairs Officer: Civil Affairs is the Army?s direct link with the civilian population during wartime, peace time or times of disaster.

Sergeant Marlene Garcia: Being a Civil Affairs Specialist, I get to take care of the local population in different countries. We basically win the hearts and minds of the local population. We're creating good will and we're showing that as Soldiers we're also humanitarians.

Major Wayne Mingo, Civil Affairs Officer: That's one thing about Civil Affairs, ninety percent of our forces are Reserve Soldiers and that fact allows us to have people among our ranks that got the strong skill sets we need to execute our mission.

Sergeant Marlene Garcia: So we're able to facilitate the Army's needs and also the local population's needs.

Major Wayne Mingo, Civil Affairs Officer: Sergeant Garcia, in her case, she brings a strong nursing background. Which is very essential for the type of missions we execute.

Sergeant Marlene Garcia: When I first got in the Army Reserve I knew that this was for me. You realize what kind of job that you're in and you just want to do it every day and to see it prosper. I felt that I touched every single person that I encountered.

Major Wayne Mingo, Civil Affairs Officer: We get to help the less fortunate. We get to help rebuild nations. We get to work with the civilian populous.

Sergeant Marlene Garcia: As an Army Reserve Soldier, I felt that I made a difference.