Chemical Officer: Army Careers

Jerome Brumby reflects on his time in the Army as a chemical officer and a civil military officer.
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My name is Jerome Brumby. I was a Chemical Officer 1st Lieutenant, and now I'm a manager with Home Depot.

I joined the Army because I needed two things, adventure and a job, so I got both. I was assigned to a Mechanized Infantry Battalion as the Chemical Officer. So my responsibility was to advise the Commander on how to keep our Soldiers safe from weapons of mass destruction, and in the event of a contamination, make sure we were trained and prepared to cope with it.

However, I spent most of my time as a Civil Military Officer. I was involved in reconstruction; we built schools, hospitals, water treatment, water distribution, sanitation.

We hired Iraqi contractors. We made sure that the work went to locals, it makes a big impact. Kids see a new school funded by the Americans, with the help of the local government; I mean it really helps to build that confidence and solidarity.

I don't know anybody who regrets serving in the Armed Forces, so if you have the opportunity to do it, you need to take that opportunity, because if you don't, you might regret it for the rest of your life.