Characteristics Of an Infantry Soldier

LTC Thomas J. Sheehan describes the 14-week training program for Special Forces and Infantrymen.

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Hi my name is Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J Sheehan I’m a commander of second battalion, nineteenth infantry regiment here at Fort Benning Georgia. I command an infantry OSUT one station unit training and what we’re responsible for is a fourteen week program where we train U.S. Army infantrymen, who are prepared to go out and serve the country in operational units around the world either in ranger special forces or just regular infantry or airborne units around the world. What we’re starting to see now is phenomenal trainees. I think the United State has always had a great pool, a great level of talent to draw from amongst the Soldiers. But I think the patriotism and the spirit of the people wanting to serve especially over the past eight years that our national has been at war has really started to attract some incredible infantrymen. Only about two out of every ten Americans even qualifies for military service. And of that, a select few even have what it takes to be an infantryman. What we’re starting to see though is guys who have the inner strength, the desire, willingness to go the extra mile - do the hard jobs - who want to better their lives, is really what we’re starting to see now. So if you think you have what it takes then join the United States Army and be looking for infantry because we’ll be ready for you and we’re ready to train you.